Danielle is a 500 RYT & PRYT certified through Alliance.  Danielle continues to nurture the curiosity of her souls purpose. Yoga planted this seed of questioning why we are all here with this gift of life. Danielle continues to deepen her yoga practice, learning and unlearning as she goes. Danielle invites her students to slow down, set down the current dramas of life, finding presence, healing, strength, laughter, all while moving  from a sense of drishti (focus), healing physically and energetically, exhaling illusion and suffering. She simply invites her students to get out of their own way.

Danielle’s classes are filled with playful traditional & unique transitions, with anywhere from simple to challenging yoga postures (asanas). Always incorporating breath focus and awareness.  She personalizes each class for the benefit of the students with alignment, breath work, therapeutics and encouragement. She inspires students to connect with the rhythm of expansion and contraction (Spanda), moving breath with movements and  awaken to the magic presence of life. Through asana’s, pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra, singing, union, surrender and laughter. Through these methods and a lot of compassion, Danielle devotes her whole self into each class with the intention for students to individual to challenge, release and grow. Each class is unique and taught from her heart for the benefit of her students. Each class becomes a special tribe (Sangha). Planting seeds of compassion and connection with intent to ripple out into communities and beyond. Danielle believes that through community we can support one another in the healing process. She believes that we are all healing from something and as we turn in and heal ourselves, that is more potent than anything we can do right now.

Danielle encourages her students to “Just Show Up, Just As You Are,  No Matter What That Looks Like… “.

Danielle is very active in the community and donates her services to benefit children, young adults, expecting and new mothers. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Flows, Prenatal Yoga, Post Natal (mommy and me) Yoga, Children Yoga, Workshops (Hands on Assisting, Santosha, Root to Rise, Heart Activation, Grounding Down, and more), Retreats, Private Yoga (strength, alignment, weight management, pelvic floor connection, empowerment, release anxiety, flexibility, empowerment, heart connection and healing) and she teaches all around the world as a guest teacher. She enjoys yoga of all kind, music, chanting, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, cooking, sailing, surfing, playing and being silly with her children. Danielle is humbled in gratitude by her teachers that have come and gone, her children, and this very short gift of life (The greatest teacher of all).